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Coaching Session Arrangements

The following is a list of important points of information:

Dates: • Coaching sessions will take place on: – please check time tables for your age group time/ night. During the school holidays no training sessions will be held unless notified. Details will be given to all players well in advance.

Punctuality: • Players are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the session. Attendance and punctuality to games and practice will be recorded and the  coach may use this info when determining play time.

Absence: • If a player is unable to attend training, whether it is due to illness or school commitments, the player must contact his/her team manager  to let him/her know that they are unavailable. This must be done with as much prior notice as possible.

Conduct: • The good name of the St Cloud Soccer Club is to be maintained at all times. Players are reminded of the importance of their good conduct and behavior and respect for all facilities we use. People are always watching!

  • Behave in a safe and careful manner when using the facilities.
  • Treat the coach, team-mates and opponents, as you would like to be treated.
  • Take pride in your appearance. Players are expected to wear club kit for training at all times, as laid down by the coaches – “Look smart, play smart”. Remember to bring your soccer ball.
  • Kit must be worn properly, i.e. socks over shin guards, socks pulled up etc.
  • Shin pads must be worn for training and games. Chewing gum is not allowed.
  • Earrings and jewelry must not be worn when representing the club/training. This is the players/parents’ responsibility to remove items prior to games and practices.